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We offer customized educational and training services matching the needs of different stakeholders worldwide, from students to company for new business opportunities.

Our trainings exploit Free Copernicus data and Open Source Toolboxes pre-installed on Virtual Machines or through Docker’s solution, but we can adapt to user request, i.e. by focusing on specific EO dataset or software. Trainings can be delivered in English, Greek and Czech.
We have identified different training formats, which can also be combined according to the needs of the customer: find the format and training which suits you best and contact us!

Our EO Training offers

Face 2 Face Workshop

The trainer demonstrates data processing, briefly highlighting the theory behind it. A Q&A session closes the event. The duration is typically 2-4 hours.

This event is suited for large groups of participants, who want to have a direct, live exchange with the trainer. It is advisable to combine it with a Webinar (or series of Webinars).

Webinar / Virtual Classroom

Two different Webinar formats are available:

  • “Open” (up to 500 participants)
  • “Closed/Virtual Classroom” (up to 30 participants)

The trainer demonstrates data processing, a Q&A session concludes the Webinar. The duration of an open Webinar is typically 1-3 hours for one selected topic.
In the closed Webinar/Virtual Classroom, in addition to the demonstration given by the trainer, participants can process data with the selected solution (VMs pre-configured, docker, OS SW installed on the participants PCs) and are supported remotely by our trainers.

Face 2 Face Training

Typically addressed to small groups (up to 20 participants in a venue selected by the customer*): a trainer teaches the participants how to process EO data to derive products which may be used for further reporting or integrated in GIS systems. This format is highly interactive, as each participant at the end of the event will have performed the processing. Typical duration: 2-3 days (depending on the selected topics).
*with a specific technical setup

What participants to our events say

Very good lecturers and organization.
The contents are very good to initiate work in the areas of the course!

Participant in a F2F organized at the premises of NOVA Information Management School

Lisbon, Portugal

Thank you very much for the training. Personally I have learnt some techniques which I can us to develop applications for decision making.

Participant in a F2F organized at the premises of JRC

Ispra, Italy

It was good to include some programming and GIS usage as well, as a follow on from the SNAP analysis, as it's good to know what can and can't be done via SNAP. The instructors were also very patient.

Participant in a F2F event organized by Space Industry Skillnet

Dublin, Ireland

Great course! Nice use of R and Jupyter!

Participant in a F2F organized for EARSEL 19

Salzburg, Austria

The course was overall very informative and enlightning in both theoretical and application ways. I have learned a lot about processing radar data and about SNAP, R and QGIS. Thank you

Participant in a F2F organized for the 5th Joint Workshop "Urban RemoteSensing – Challenges & Solutions"

Bochum, Germany

Amazing training session! Keep it up! Very happy to be part of it!

Participant in a F2F organized for the 5th Joint Workshop "Urban RemoteSensing – Challenges & Solutions"

Bochum, Germany

Came for the hands-on exercises, I enjoyed them

Participant in a F2F organized during the IV ESA EARSEL CNR School: Remote Sensing for Forest Fires

Rome, Italy

It was very intense, two days, maybe it could last much more (one week); really appreciate the thematics viewed (burned area, built up areas). Big thank you! To the team of trainers

Participant in a F2F organized for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

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Doing business with us

EO expertise at your service

We are used to prepare and release training materials, but also to work in partnership with the Earth Observation industry and we may complement your business case with training or consultancy services. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to get an offer for a customized training event or EO consultancy services…